Canada The IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project mission is to catalogue every Jewish burial site throughout the world. Every Jewish cemetery or burial site we know of is listed here by town or city, country, and geographic region is based on current locality designation. Wed, 24 May 2017 06:11:19 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb BELLEVILLE: Hastings Belleville (Canada 2011 Census population 49,454; census agglomeration population 92,540[) is a city located at the mouth of the Moira River on the Bay of Quinte in Southern (Southeastern) Ontario along the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor. Seat of Hastings County, but politicallyindependent of it, and is the center of the Bay of Quinte Region. Wikipedia


"Many of Belleville's former Jewish residents are buried in the Sons of Jacob Memorial Park west of Belleville on Highway 2, between Belleville and Trenton. The land for this cemetery was purchased in 1947, on the initiative of the congregation's president Mr. B. Mayer. Prior to the establishment of the cemetery, many of the congregation members were buried in Kingston or Toronto. Not all members of the Sons of Jacob purchased plots in the cemetery and it seems to have been a secondary priority for the small congregation, since some of the members may have already purchased family plots in other cities. A trust fund was established by the congregation in 1957 for more permanent upkeep of the cemetery." Source: [July 2015]


[UPDATE] Sons of Jacob Cemetery Website [July 2015]

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  • Beth David Cemetery:. Charing Cross St., Contact: Brant County Branch, OGS, P.O. Box 23030, c/o Eaton Market Square, Brantford, Ontario, Canada, N3T 6K4
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  • Adis Israel Congregation Cemetery: Location: North Side of Old York Road (Lot 11 Conc 2) off Hwy 6 and Snake Rd North - North of Hwy 403. Approx 365 Graves in 3 Sections: Section 1 Approx 100; Section 2 Approx 145; Section 3 Approx 120. Source: Hazel Boon, President, JGS-Hamilton & Area [November 2006]
  • Grand Order of Israel Location: Snake Road South (Lot 12 Conc 1 Burlington) off Hwy 6 North of Hwy 403. Approx. 200 Graves (as of June 2006). Source: Hazel Boon, Presiden, JGS-Hamilton & Area [November 2006]
  • Grand Order of Israel/ Beth Jacob Cemetery, Site 2 Location: 5km north on Hwy 6 on right side (Snake Road South). NO Sign. Approx 1000 Graves in 2 sections. Section separation is not clearly defined. Full to capacity. Source: Hazel Boon, President, JGS-Hamilton & Area,  [November 2006]
  • Stanley Sobel Beth Jacob Cemetery, Site 2: Location: Snake Road North. New cemetery established in 2004. Gate locked. 2 graves at June 2006. Source: Hazel Boon, President, JGS-Hamilton & Area, [November 2006]
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    • Jewish Community Cemetery: OT-95-JU, {10242} The Jewish cemetery in Ottawa is called `The Jewish Community Cemetery'. However, recently a second cemetery has opened, so the cemetery may now be called the `United Jewish Cemetery'. The `Jewish Community Cemetery' is listed in the 1993 Ottawa Jewish Telephone book. Phone number: 416-521-5328 Source: Jerrold Landau, 38 Robbie Ave., North York, Ontario M3H 1Y4 Canada
    • United Jewish Cemetery:
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  • Congregation Beth El Cemetery: Source: Alan Greenberg
  • Congregation Beth El of Cornwall, Ontario, had an earlier cemetery. However, in 1960, they dedicated a new cemetery in Long Sault, Ontario. Remains were placed into bags, removed from the old cemetery with a rabbi in attendance, and re-interred in the new Long Sault cemetery location. The re-interred graves are at the rear of the new Long Sault Cemetery. At the time of the 1960 dedication, Julius Miller was President, Archie Dover was Chairman of the Cemetery Committee, and Moe Schulman was Treasurer of The Congregation Beth El of Cornwall, Ontario.
  • See here for an explanation of the relocation. Link courtesy Merle Kastner [May 2013]
  • The cemetery is located approximately twelve kilometers west of Cornwall on Route 2 on the south side of the road, just 1.5 miles west of the Route 2 and 35 intersection in Long Sault, Ontario, Canada. The Congregation Beth El cemetery is a separate cemetery adjacent to the Union Cemetery. Both cemeteries are fenced and have a recently black painted iron fence along the road. Several feet before the center entrance gate. two engraved marble dedication columns stand on either side. The estimated dimensions of the cemetery are 46 feet wide by 153 feet deep with more land available going back to the St. Lawrence Seaway. There are neither paths nor roads within the cemetery, although the defined center is wide enough for a vehicle. The graves on the eastern side and western sides face towards this center. The first area with the graves starts approximately 59 feet inside of the front gate. A vast open area occurs until graves resume in the rear section.
  • The caretaker is Mr. Farrand Miller, 304 Dover Road, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada K6J 1V1 telephone: 613-932-7907. . Source: Janet Lavine, Potsdam, NY
  • Photos courtesy Merle Kastner [May 2013]


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    ENGLEHART: see KRUGERDORF (Ellen Renck) Ontario ON Sat, 17 Jan 2009 13:37:23 +0000 HAMILTON: (Wentworth County)
    • Anshe Sholom Cemetery: Location: 389 Limeridge Road, West of Upper Wentworth.
    • Contact JGS-Hamilton & Area about grave locations.
    • Cemetery burials are indexed by OGS-Hamilton Branch. Source: Hazel Boon [September 2006]
    • Ohev Tzedeck Cemetery: Shalom Village Beit HaKnesset (United Chevra Kadisha).
    • Location: Upper James Street, between the Linc and Stonechurch Rd.
    • Contact JGS-Hamilton & Area about grave locations.
    • Cemetery burials are indexed by OGS-Hamilton Branch. Source: Hazel Boon [September 2006]
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  • Jewish Cemetery: Iyr Hamalech uses part of Catarqui Cemetery. Another fenced in Jewish cemetery is adjacent to it. Source: Jim Rappaport [22 January 2001].
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  • Kirkland Lake Hebrew Cemetery: Location: located in Krugerdorf, some 20 miles south of Kirkland Lake and 380 miles north of Toronto. Tiny Jewish populations in nearby Englehart (18 miles away) and Cobalt also used this cemetery founded in 1908. The town's peak Jewish population was about 125 Jewish families in the early 1930s: "a synagogue, a Hebrew school, a chevrah kadishah and, at one time, a kosher butcher and a Jewish men's softball team. The synagogue was sold in 1971; its Ark is now in the chapel of Beth Tikvah Synagogue in Toronto." The cemetery, no longer marked with a highway sign, is difficult to find. Source [November 2003]
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