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A historical journey by Rabbi Benjamin of Tudela from 1165 to 1173 reported this former Jewish community in the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula.

J.R. Wellsted memoirs, Travels in Arabia, vol. 1,states, "there are a few Jews in Muskat, who mostly arrived there in 1828, being driven from Baghdad . . .by the cruelties and extortions of the Pacha Daud. ... Jews are not discriminated against in Oman as they are in other Arab countries such as Yemen and Syria, and do not have to wear any markings to identify themselves as Jews. ... Jews are not restricted to living in one concentrated area, nor are they required to walk in the road if a Muslim is walking on the same street, as they were in Yemen. The Jews in Muskat were employed in many professions, but many were involved in the fabrication of silver ornaments, banking, and liquor sale." [April 2011]


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