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Greenlawn Cemetery: This cemetery probably has some Jewish burials. Source: JGS Cincinnati. "The Hebrew Congregation" from Nelson Evans' History of Scioto County , Ohio 1903, pages 531-32: "The Hebrew congregation of Portsmouth, known by its Hebrew name, "K'bal Kodesh Bene Abraham" (K. I. B. A.) or its English equivalent "The Holy Congregation of the Children of Abraham," was founded presumably in the early part of the fifties (l850's)...the Congregation was incorporated in l858... The incorporation of the Congregation took place November l, l858. The Board of Trustees at that time consisted of Louis Levi, Mayer Eichelstein, Ludwig Stern, Isaac Freiberg, Jacob Stern, Mayer Seeberger, and Bernard Dreyfoos.... In l864, Thomas Dugan offered to sell his property on the corner of Washington and Third streets. After due deliberation the Congregation decided to buy the building in partnership with the Masons; the Congregation to have the first and second floors, the Masons the third floor.... From a strictly Orthodox Congregation at the beginning, it gradually became more and more a rollover of the reforms instituted and promulgated by the great reform leaders, Drs. Einborn of Baltimore, and Wise of Cincinnati...

The first minister ever formally engaged by the Congregation was Rabbi Wechsler, who served from l863 to l864. Following is the list of Rabbis, who have served the congregation ever since:--Rabbi Laser, l864-l866; Rabbi Gabricher, l866-l868; Rabbi Eppstein, l868-l870; Rabbi Weil, l870-l871; Rabbi Gerstman, l871-l873; Rabbi Kaufman, l873-l876; Rabbi Lasker, l876-l877; Rabbi Stempel, l877-l879; Rabbi Eichelstein, l879-l886; Rabbi Pollak, l886-l887; Rabbi Block, l887-l888; Rabbi Schapiro, l888-l90l. The present [1903] incumbent of the Temple is Rabbi Max Raisin, an alumnus of the Hebrew Union College and the University of Cincinnati. The Jewish citizens of Portsmouth have always done their utmost to live in peace and concord with their Christian fellow-citizens and have never refused their contributions toward other Congregations, when called upon. Their Christian friends always reciprocate these feelings of friendship. On the occasion of the dedication of the Jewish Temple, September l864, the choir of the Presbyterian Church very generously assisted at the services; and to this day most of the members of the choir at the Temple are also members of the choir of the Bigelow M. E. Church.

The present [1903] officers of the Congregation are: President, I. Levi; Vice President, M. Lehman; Secretary, F. Haas; Treasurer, B. Schloss. Other bodies within the Congregation are The Ladies Temple Aid Society and the Jewish Kaffee Klatsch for the mutual social intercourse between the members of the Congregation." Reprinted with permission granted to Arline Sachs for IAJGS.


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