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ASHEVILLE: Buncombe County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/ashville-buncombe-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/ashville-buncombe-county.html general Buncombe County information. [September 2005, update June 2014]

City of Asheville [June 2014]

Repository for records: Beth-Ha-Tephila Congregation 1891-1976 (M79.13.1-5 ; P79.13.1 ; OS79.13.1): In 1919 the Congregation [Beth Ha Tephila Section] debated the Conservative-Reform question again, but they voted to remain Reform, and the conservatives eventually split off to form their own Orthodox congregation called the Bikur Holim in 1898. An Orthodox congregation synagogue was built and just before High Holy Day Services in 1916, the building was set ablaze in one of Asheville's first anti-Semitic crimes. historical information about Congregation Beth-ha-Tephila include the Golden Book of Memoirs (M79.13.5, folder 5) and the 75th Anniversary Program (M79.13.5, folder 6) and Letters from Leo: World War II Correspondence to the Asheville Lions Club, Boone, NC: Center Appalachian Studies, 1997" [September 2005]ne 2014]

Jewish Asheville.  [June 2014]

Jewish history [June 2014]

[UPDATE] Book Traces the Arc and Influence of Jews in Asheville [January 2017]

Riverside Cemetery: (Beth Ha Tephila Section): founded in 1890s. Congregation Beth Ha Tephila purchased land there for a Jewish cemetery in 1892.

UPDATE: "Congregation Beth-ha-Tephila, the first synagogue in Asheville, founded in 1891, was a Conservative congregation at its founding, now Reform. They met at the Lyceum Hall on Biltmore Avenue. Jewish cemetery property was purchased in 1902 at Riverside. 1902, a building was purchased at Spruce and Woodfin Streets for synagogue. 53 Birch Street, Asheville, NC, 28801, 828-350-2066  [September 2005]

History [June 0214]


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CARY: see Raleigh http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/cary-see-raleigh.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/cary-see-raleigh.html  

see Raleigh

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CHAPEL HILL: Orange County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/chapel-hill-orange-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/chapel-hill-orange-county.html general Orange County information. [September 2005]

Judea Reform Congregation

Judea Reform Congregation Cemetery: The Judea Reform Congregation Cemetery is located at 2560 Jones Ferry Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, near the intersection with Damascus Church Road. [June 2014]

Cemeteries of the US by Deborah M. Burek, ed. Detroit: Gale Research Int., 1994. ISBN 0-8103-9245-3. Source: Al Rosenfield, arosen@ee.net.

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CHARLOTTE: Mecklenburg County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/charlotte-mecklenburg-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/charlotte-mecklenburg-county.html general Mecklenburg County information. [September 2005; update June 2014]]

Charlotte Jewish Historical Society (CJHS): http://users.vnet.net/lsstein/cjhs/cjhs.html. Sam Eneman or Richard Klein, P.O. Box 13574, Charlotte, NC 28270 (704) 366-5007, fax: (704) 365-4507, email: enemansj@charweb.org

Elmwood Cemetery: Has the grave of a Jewish Confederate soldier and one Jewish family plot in it. Source: Anita Howard UPDATE: Site (operated by City of Charlotte). 700 West 6th Street, 704-336-2123. The total acreage in Elmwood is about 72 acres. No grave spaces are available for sale, although burials still occur here. The first recorded burial in Elmwood was in 1853. [September 2005]

Forest Lawn East Cemetery: 3709 Forest Lawn Drive, Matthews, NC 28105, 704-846-1068. This much newer cemetery is located in the area of Charlotte where Jews live and some dedicated ground for Jewish burials. A ceremony conducted by Rabbi Robert Seigel of Temple Beth El was held to consecrate the land about ten years ago. This was the first time anyone, including the rabbi, had witnessed this kind of dedication. Source: Richard A. Klein, Chairman, Charlotte Jewish Historical Society (CJHS) UPDATE: has information. map.[September 2005]

Forest Lawn West Cemetery: 5601 Freedom Drive. This private cemetery has some dedicated ground for Jewish burials. However, few burials have been held there in recent years. UPDATE: 4601 Freedom Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28208, 704-392-2104 [September 2005]

Hebrew Cemetery: McCall St. at Statesville Ave. This site is the oldest and only one that is predominantly Jewish. Non-Jewish spouses have only recently been given a place in Hebrew Cemetery. Contact: Irving Mond, 704-366-6632. A video is available: " A Walking Tour of the Hebrew Cemetery" produced by the Charlotte Jewish Historical Society. Contact: Lenora Stein, Carolina Agency for Jewish Education 704-366-5007. UPDATE: p. 15952 in Cemeteries of the US, Deborah M. Burek, ed. Detroit: Gale Research Int., 1994. ISBN 0-8103-9245-3. Source: Al Rosenfield, arosen@ee.net.

Walking Tour of the Charlotte Hebrew Cemetery 1800 McCallCharlotte, NC 28206, 704-375-1595.

http://www.cmstory.org/cemetery/details.asp?id=71 has photo.

http://www.cmstory.org/cemetery/burialrecords.asp?id=71 has burial list. (881)  [September 2005]

a Presbyterian cemetery: "All over the Carolinas lie the remains of Jews who lived and died long ago in communities with no consecrated burial place for them. They are safe and remembered in church cemeteries, like this grave in a Charlotte Presbyterian cemetery of a woman born during the Revolutionary War. The inscription begins, 'In memory of Mrs. Z. Penick who died April 12, 1854, 73rd year of her age, a mother in Israel...'." Also photo. [September 2005]


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DURHAM: Durham County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/durham-durham-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/durham-durham-county.html general Durham County information. [September 2005]

Beth El Synagogue. "The Durham Jewish community traces its origins to the 1870s when German and Eastern European immigrants arrived to peddle and open stores in the growing tobacco town. In the early 1880s their numbers were augmented by the arrival of Russian-Jewish cigarette rollers. The Durham Hebrew Congregation organized in 1887 and rented a hall on Main Street. In 1892, the congregants formally chartered the congregation and hired a rabbi. In 1905, they purchased a small, wood-framed church on Liberty Street which became Durham's first synagogue." [September 2005]

Judea Reform Congregation, 1933 W. Cornwallis Rd., Durham, NC 27705 see Chapel Hill [September 2005]

Durham Hebrew Cemetery: 1919 Jewish population was 500. Source: "Directory of Jewish Local Organizations in the United States" pp. 330-583. American Jewish Year Book 5680 September 25, 1919 to Sept. 12, 1920; volume 21. Edited by Harry Schneiderman for the American Jewish Committee and submitted by Alan Hirschfeld.

UPDATE: "The Durham Hebrew Cemetery may be the oldest Jewish institution of record in this area and dates back to the 1800's. For many years, it was the only Jewish cemetery for a significant geographical area. The cemetery is owned by Beth El and continues to serve our synagogue needs. Recently, an adjoining piece of property was purchased so that the expanded Durham Hebrew Cemetery will be able to continue to meet the needs of the Beth El community well into the future."

photo of cemetery and photos of gravestones with burial list. "This cemetery was established in 1882. Access is best gained by going through the Maplewood cemetery entrance on Kent Street just off Morehead Avenue. The Hebrew Cemetery has an older section and a newer section. Most of the tombstones in both sections contain Hebrew script. There are over 360 graves in the cemetery."

Chevra Kadisha information. [September 2005]


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EMPORIA: see Weldon http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/emporia-see-weldon.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/emporia-see-weldon.html  

see Weldon

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ENFIELD: see Weldon http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/enfield-see-weldon.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/enfield-see-weldon.html  

see Weldon

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GASTONIA: Gaston County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/gastonia-gaston-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/gastonia-gaston-county.html general Gaston County information.[September 2005]

Jewish history [June 2014]

Temple Emanuel on Facebook [June 2014]

Temple Emanuel Cemetery: South New Hope Road. Organized as the Hebrew Congregation of Gastonia in 1913, Temple Emanuel is Reform.

UPDATE: members from five counties in two states. " [September 2005]


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GOLDSBORO: Wayne County http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/goldsboro-wayne-county.html http://www.iajgsjewishcemeteryproject.org/north-carolina-nc/goldsboro-wayne-county.html general Wayne County information.

Goldsboro information. [June 2014]

Jewish history [June 2014]

History of Jews. Congregation Oheb Sholom: "In February 1883, 33 Jewish men ... "united for the purpose of building a synagogue" in Goldsboro. The Jewish community already owned a Torah and was home to a Cemetery Association and a Ladies' Hebrew Assistance Society, indicating that Jewish life existed in Goldsboro prior to the formal creation of a congregation." Also see Moses Rountree, Strangers in the Land: The Story of Jacob Weil's Tribe (Philadelphia: Dorrance & Company, 1969), 55-63.

Willow Dale Cemetery: Jewish section. The Jewish section is in extreme northeastern part. Names can be found in Gravestone Inscriptions, An Inventory of Cemeteries in Wayne County, North Carolina, published by Wayne County Historical Assoc. Inc., Goldsboro, NC has data on p. 404 and 405. Source: Al Lipsey, 520-299-4486.

UPDATE: Goldsboro Jewish Synagogue SERIES P1 documents in university library. http://www.jewishtourofthecarolinas.org/coastal.html has historical reference and photo.

obituary database. Reference: Weissbach, Lee Shai 1947- "East European Immigrants and the Image of Jews in the Small-Town South". Congregation: PO Box 2063, Goldsboro, NC 27533-2063  (919) 734-1111, Fax: (919) 734-0877. 21 members [September 2005]


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