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Coat of arms of Witten

51°26′0″N 7°20′0″E, Witten in North Rhine-Westphalia is the home of the Witten/Herdecke University, the first private university in Germany. 1815 was the first Jewish community mention. In 1938 the synagogue was destroyed during the so-called "Reichspogromnacht" (also known as Kristallnacht) of 9-10 November 1938. Today, about a dozen Jews live in Witten as part of the Jewish community in Bochum. Since 1985 the place of the former synagogue is shown by a memorial for the victims of the holocaust. [August 2012]

Cemetery: 58401 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz, Peters)

  • Older cemetery, Egge Cemetery,  Helenenberg, empty. 1867-1900. photo. [August 2012]
  • Newer cemetery, Ledderken, near the Christian cemetery. Photo. 209 burials from 1893-1941, a few burials after 1945. [August 2012]
  • OT Annen, im Komm-Fr. Diesterwegstr., empty. Formerly Diesterweg street, NW corner of the municipal cemetery. Used 1898 - 1938. No gravestones visible. history in Westfalen-Lippe, 1987 , pp. 57, 153. Destroyed by the Nazis during WWII, they used it to bury forced laborers and POWs. [Sep 2012]
  • OT Herbede Cemetery: An der Wabeck/Burgstr. [August 2012]
      • Located on Wilbergstrasse, part of the municipal cemetery. Used 1886 - 1947. In the cemetery front, facing the street are some graves of Russian soldiers. - history in Westfalen-Lippe, 1987 , p.57, history in Westfalen-Lippe, 1987 , pp. 57, 153. [Sep 2012]

Ennepe CEMETERY: Auf dem Helenenberg, auf der Strasse Egge. Used: 1867-ca.to 1900. Visible gravestones: None. The Nazis closed the cemetery. On the free-access area is a memorial plaque. [Sep 2012]

-Geschichte in Westfalen-Lippe 1987, S. 56

(Am Ledderken ) CEMETERY: Am Ledderken. Used 1878-today. Visible gravestones: about 130 [Sep 2012]
Geschichte in Westfalen-Lippe 1987, S. 57, 153.

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