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Coat of arms of Werther (Westf.)52°04′0″N 8°25′0″E, 212.7 miles W of Berlin. Werther is a town in the district of Gütersloh near the Teutoburg Forest, approximately 10 km west of Bielefeld. Best known for the Werther's Original caramel candy, that are made in the nearby city of Halle.

33824 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz, Peters) / Ot. Egge (Gerz), Bergstr. (Peters)

CEMETERY: Located Bergstrasse, An der Egge. Used 1895-1st half of the 20th century. Visible gravestones: 22. Before the Jews of Werther created a separate burial ground, they buried their dead in Bielefeld (Old Cemetery) and Halle . [Sep 2012] - ca 1975-2000 by Heritage Office (Photos)

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