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59423 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz, Peters)

OLD CEMETERY: Formerly located at the moat, "Jews ditch" between morning- and cattle grid [Stadtgraben, "Judengraben", zwischen Morgen - und Viehtor]. Used 18th century-1854. Visible gravestones: None. Timm reports a grave, which he discovered in 1961, built into the stone staircase in the center of Unna and taken [?] to New Cemetery [sic]. Mike Redel determined from records in the 1815-1854 Detmold archives that a total of 38 Jews were buried in Unna (e-mail dated 15 July 2009). [Sep 2012]

- history in Timm 1973, 5-6

NEW CEMETERY: Located Massener street at corner Beethovenring. Used 1854-1959. Visible gravestones: 155. In the cemetery is one gravestone moved in 1961 from the lost old cemetery in Unna, that was installed in a house in the city center. According to Mike Redel, the gravestone from 1829 is ┬áthat of Rachel, wife of Jaciel Dreifu┬ž. [Sep 2012]
- 1998 by Mike Redel (transcript: German inscriptions, photos, part recording)
- History in Timm 1973, 5-6
- History in Westphalia-Lippe 1987, pp. 139

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