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TELGTE: Telgte city, the district of Warendorf

48291-48293 North Rhine-Westphalia / Judenwall;(Gerz)

Cemetery: On the city wall at the Stone Gate, Josefstr, since 1883 Dr. Josef Koch-Str. First mentioned in 1615 and used until 1820. Visible gravestones: None. [Sep 2012]
- History in Handbook 2008, pp. 699 f

Telgte (Wallock)

CEMETERY: Located between Hagen and Wallock, near the church cemetery. Used about 1820-1936. Visible gravestones: 2. In 1942, the then existing 32 gravestones were stolen and used for fixing Emswehrs {sewers?]. After WWII, three gravestones were found in the basement of the former Nazi party headquarters. Two were placed in the cemetery; the third was sent to in M√ľnster (Einsteinstrasse Cemetery). [Sep 2012]

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