32816 North Rhine-Westphalia / Schwalenberg district (Gerz)

OZ Schwalenberg, im Hang am Burgberg, In der Trünke (Peters)

CEMETERY: Located In der Tränke on the way to the Castle. Used 1761-decreased in 1922, after 1945
Visible gravestones: 47. The Nazis heavily damaged the cemetery. [Sep 2012]
- 1983 by Prof. Schaller (copy of the inscriptions, selection)
- History in Westphalia-Lippe 1987, page 99

- History in splendor 1998, pp. 339-340, 387

Schwalenberg is a small village located in the former kingdom of Lippe about 100 miles S.W. of Hannover. The village was not touched by the war, and many of the buildings are more than 300 years old. The village is on a hill overlooking the flat countryside, and above the village (about 300 ft above) is an old castle, now converted into a Hotel. The Jewish cemetery is located on the one road leading from the village to the castle. There is no wall around it, and I would estimate that there are about 30-50 graves. The majority of the graves are from either the Bacharach or Michaelis families. A booklet was published in 1993 by the Gesellschaft für Christlich-jüdische zusammenarbeit in Lippe under the authorship of Hans Liedke entiteled Zur Geschichte the Juden in Schwalenberg. This booklet lists all the identifiable names of those buried there. The book was printed by: Hausdruckerei des Lippischen Landeskirchenamtes in Detmold. Source: Philipp Goldmann. [date?]

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