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RHEDA: City Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Gütersloh

33428 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)
Judenfriedhoefe in Rheda und ihre Geschichte zwischen 1600 und 1969 in Heimat-Jahrbuch Kreis Guetersloh (1985), s. 146-151 by Jurgen Kinder and Wolfgang Lewe

OLD CEMETERY: Located between the old and later Johanniskirchhof Oelder road. Used about 1600 to probably 1722. Visible gravestones: None. After 1722, the Jews from advantage Gütersloh used Rheda cemetery (Old Cemetery). In 1886 the cemetery was divided and sold. [Sep 2012]
- History in Rheda 1985, pp. 146-147

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NEW  CEMETERY: Located Am Ruth Bach/On Wösteweg
Used from 1750-1969, 1987. Visible gravestones: 168. 1870 was extended, 1925, a correction of cemetery grounds on 3352 m2 [Sep 2012]
- Approximately 1975-2000 by Heritage Office (Photos)
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RURAL CEMETERY: The cemetery was far south from the village of South Street in the peasantry old roadstead but no longer exists. Used 1825-1927. Visible gravestones: None. In 1942, the Office Rheder administration bought the cemetery and cleared the gravestones. The site has been built over later  A grave (Sara Cleffmann, 1927) is to Bocholt been reburied (New Cemetery). [Sep 2012]

-History in Handbook 2008, pp. 605

Wiedenbrück CEMETERY: ehemals zwischen Nonnenwall und Ostenwall. Used: 13/14th centuries. Visible gravestones: None. In the course of the Plague the medieval cemetery was established. Until a new expulsion of Jews in 1642, they used in the area of today's Pius Church for one cemetery and also the lost burial ground in Rheda in 1988. [Sep 2012]
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