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32469 North Rhine-Westphalia

1) Lambertsweg/Marienweg: CEMETERY: Located former Lambertsweg/corner Marienweg. Used probably 17th-20 century, in 1938 leveled. Visible gravestones: 1. According to the Jewish community in splendor seemingly since the 17th century the Jewish community possessed a burial site. Whether this is the same as one of the two Jewish cemeteries, which are included in the land of Petershagen to 1939 (hall 6, No. 248, 1 and 811/248 corridor and 13, No. 53) is unknown. [Sep 2012]
- History in Brilling 1965, S?
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2) Ot. Windheim, Bahnhofstr. (Gerz)
This cemetery also served Ovenstaedt's Jewish community. " Not long ago, I discovered grave stones of my family that had been used as steps along the Weser (river passing Petershagen). We cleaned the stones and also restored them and put them back in the cemetery in Petershagen at the same place from which they originally came. However, they are flat on the ground and need to be righted. The MINDEN Jewish community is responsable for Petershagen cemetery. Please contact me if you are interested in restoration of any of this cemetery." Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , P.O.BOX 115, 91000 Jerusalem, Israel. Tel/Fax : 972 54 657 1176.

Stadt Petershagen, Kreis Minden-Lübbecke
CEMETERY: At today's Hans-Lüken Street, between Canal Street and the former entrance of the branch of the Maritime and Water Board. Dates used: ? Visible gravestones: None. Probably already leveled following the pogroms of November 1938, the cemetery was built over 1955. [Sep 2012]
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