48149 North Rhine-Westphalia / 2 listed-no locations. (Gerz)

Medieval Cemetery: Located between Bischopink and Liebfrauentor, compared to the district court in today's Schlossplatz (or on the present site of the high school Paulinum: gym). Used 13/14th centuries. Visible gravestones: None. With the expulsion of the Jews from Münster in 1350, the cemetery was confiscated. According to Brilling gravestones removed from the medieval burial site appeared sporadically and disappeared in the 19th century. The oldest gravestone known today dates from 1324 and is in the foyer of the synagogue. [Sep 2012]

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CEMETERY: Located Einsteinstrasse, formerly Roxelerstrasse. Used 1811-2002 and continuing. Visible gravestones: 386. A gravestone from the cemetery in Telgte (Wallock) is here. Because the Einsteinstraße cemetery was fully occupied at the end of the 20th century, the city inaugurated another in 2002, Soon after, increased immigration from the former Soviet Union, a part of the municipal cemetery in Hiltrup was designated as new Jewish burial site. [Sep 2012]
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CEMETERY: Separate part of the municipal cemetery: "Hoheward" in Hiltrup. Used 2002-date. Visible gravestones?. [Sep 2012]
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