LIBLAR-ERFSTADT: 50374 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz, Peters).
NUMBER OF GRAVESTONES: no old stones, 5 new ones
  • History, graves inventory by Schulte 972 pages 146 and 308
  • History in Rheinland 1992 pages 100 - 102
  • History by Bormann 1992 pages 374 - 376
  • Graves inventory by Peters 1993 page 199
  • History by Pracht 1997 page 190
    COMMENTS: this cemetery was completely destroyed during the Nazi period. According to Bormann the local authority received instructions in 1940 to remove all gravestones to the pit of the Liblar brickworks. During reconstruction of the cemetery in 1961 by the local authority, new gravestones were made. According to Schulte, a memorial stone was erected as early as 1950.
    SOURCE: Uni-Heidelberg
    [translated from German November 2007]
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