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KELZ: 52391 North Rhine-Westphalia (now Vettweiss) (Gerz).
52391 Kelz - Vettweiß, North Rhine-Westphalia. COMMUNITY: Vettweiß, District Düren. ADDRESS: Landstrasse 271, (close to a riding stable), direction Frauwuellesheim
IN USE: oldest and still legible gravestone dated 1873.
   1972 by Klaus H. S. Schulte (register of graves)
   1975 by Stadtarchiv Düren (9 photos: gravestones)
   1991 - 1993 by Dieter Peters (register of graves)
   1993 - 1996 by Dieter Peters (11 photos: gravestones and views of cemetery)
   register of graves by Schulte 1972, page 301.    history by Dowe 1989, page 91
   register of graves by Peters 1993, page 182.
   history by Pracht 1997, pages 132 and 161.
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