HATTINGEN: Hattingen, Ennepe Ruhr district

45525 North Rhine-Westphalia
Source for the following: Eva Nimmert, Hermannstr. 6, 45527 Hattingen

Alte Bismarkstrasse: The oldest stone of this cemetery dates from December 31, 1819. The last burial was January 29, 1905. This cemetery no longer exists. The area has been built over. There is no sign of a cemetery ever existing in this location. The town register records that the slaughterer Salomon Samuel died in Oct, 27, 1823. That is the first mention of a Jewish cemetery.
Blankensteiner Strasse: The community received permission for a Jewish cemetery June 10, 1891. The first burial was on December 31, 1894. The cemetery was reopened in December 1977. Blankenstein was a separate community at one time, but is now a part of Hattingen. This very tiny cemetery belonged to the Blume family. It no longer exists. Supposedly the burials were moved at the request of the community or the family; however Eva Nimmert (Source) finds this questionable. Today it is a housing development and several older inhabitants told her that the cemetery was in the area when the playground is. Supposedly the Blume family ask for money for the land during the "wiedergutmachung", but the government claims the land always belonged to the community. She sees no reason not to believe the Blume family.
Im Vogelsang: The first burial, that of area, Nathan Roetgen aus Sprockhoevel, was in March 4, 1880. From then until 1917 there were 6 more burials. The cemetery was closed after 1933.
Am Vinckenbrink: This cemetery still exists. It was set up in 1877 and is well-kept. Photos were taken of all stones by Mr. Weiss of the city archives. The cemetery is on a small rise between Blaneksteiner Strasse and Nordstrasse. All those in field 5 are part of the Gumperz family. [1990s]

Old Cemetery: Located at Bismarckstrasse. Used 1819 - 1905. No gravestones. Due to the broadening of Bismarckstrasse after 1907 graves were relocated to the new cemetery. Also, im 1987, some were removed there also. Birkmann / Stratmann in Westphalia-Lippe. [Sep 2012]
- History in Westphalia-Lippe 1987 , page 54
- History in Hattingen 2005 , pp. 21

New Cemetery: Located Am Vincke Brink. Used 1894 - 1940, 1981. 62 visible gravestones. [Sep 2012]
- 1998 by Eva Nimmert (assignment list, copy the German inscriptions, photos)
- History in Westphalia-Lippe 1987 , page 54
- History in Hattingen 2005 , pp. 21

Jewish community of Bochum-Herne-Hattingen to get a new cemetery because the land along the waterway is now fully occupied. As a location, the city has a 15,000 square meter area in the eastern part of the main cemetery in view. [Sep 2012]

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