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59065 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)
Nordenwall; Gebeine nach Ostenallee ueberfuehrt. For more information click here.

New Jewish Cemetery: Juedischer Friedhof in Hamm, Eine Dokumentation in Bildern; The Jewish Cemetery in Hamm, a documentation in pictures, publisher: Der Oberstadtdirektor der Stadt Hamm, Stadtarchiv: Elke Hilscher, Druckerei Kettler GmbH, Boenen; ISBN 3-929314-01-0. Names taken from book with permssion of the town. The tombstones of all the names given are shown in the book. There are also some tombstones that were illegible and are pictured but could not be included in this listing. The book includes a detailed plan of the location of each stone.

Located Ostenallee, Ostenfriedhof, part of the municipal cemetery. Used 1840 - 1994. 203 visible gravestones. he cemetery was documented in Linn / Löttgen in Linn 1983 , (p. 307, 318) as used by the Jews living in Rosbach.
- Approximately 1975 - 2000 by Heritage Office (Photos)
- 1993 - 1994 by Municipal Archives Hamm (assignment list, layout, translation of selected stones)
- 1999 by Mike Redel (partial exposure: Photos, transcript: German inscriptions)
- History in noise 1985 , p.6
- History in Westphalia-Lippe 1987 , p.67
- Assignment list, layout, translation of selected stones in Hilscher 1994 .

Old Jewish Cemetery: Located originally Nordenwall. Used probably 17th century - 1825. No gravestones are visible. The cemetery may have been used since the Middle Ages by the Jews in Hamm. Despite repeated efforts by the city of Hamm, the old cemetery was closed in 1954. Gravestones were carried to the cemetery at the Umbettungen Ostenallee, the Hamm New Cemetery. [Sept 2012]
- History in Fire 1976 , pp. 10 - 11
- History in noise 1985 , pp. 6 - 9
- History in Westphalia-Lippe 1987 , p.67

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