5894 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)
1) Ot. Buer, Muehlenstr.

Mills (Buer) / Dorstenerstrasse corner, part of the municipal cemetery. Used: 1909 - 1939. No gravestones visible. Buer belonged until 1928 to the district of Recklinghausen, called "Vest". In 1938, all 27 gravestones were smashed and destroyed. After 1945, a memorial stone was erected on the back with the names of 62 victims from concentration camp Buer and Westerholt listed. [Sept 2012]
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2) Ot. Bulmke, Wanner Str.

Bulmke covers, city of Gelsenkirchen. Located Wanner / Oskar strasse corner. Used 1874 - 1936. About 400 visible gravestones. This, the oldest Jewish cemetery in Gelsenkirchen city at Wanner/Oskarstraße, is landmarked. Both sides of the road are protected by a high wall, adjacent to the gardens of neighboring houses and surrounded by an iron fence and shrubbery. The entrance is located on Oskarstrasse. With about 400 graves in the cemetery is 2324 m2. Purchased in 1874 by the Gelsenkirchen Jewish community used until 1927. Their synagogue dated from 1885. In 1927 the Jewish community built the new cemetery in Ückendorf, butup to 1936 burials continued in family plots at the cemetery in Bulmke. The oldest grave stone dates from 1874. The gravestones document the change in the form of the gravestone art. Blingual inscriptions are Hebrew/German. Some stones are illegible. Wanner street is the children's graves side. Only some of the fencing remains. A Holocaust memorial is visible. Since 1903, located immediately behind the entrance gate was a morgue, now destroyed. The partial ruins were demolished removed in 1941. National Association of Jewish Communities Westphalia is in charge for repair and maintenance of Jewish cemeteries. history, map, and photo. photo. [Sept 2012]
- Approximately 1975 - 2000 by Heritage Office (Photos)
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3) Ot. Uckendorf

Horst: Part of Südfriedhofs. Used 1920 - 1940. No visible gravestones. Twelve burials in the cemetery were destroyed by a bomb in 1944.
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