DUISBURG: 47139 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)
I am a research assistant at the Salomon Ludwig Steinheim Institute for German-Jewish History in Duisburg, Germany and am presently preparing together with the Director of the institute, Professor Dr. Michael Brocke, a documentation of the old Jewish cemetery in Krefeld in the Heideckestrasse for publication, to be followed by documentations of the newer cemetery in the Gladbacher Strassee and the cemeteries of Huels and Linn. To date we have only been able to locate and obtain one single photograph of the old cemetery taken before the war.
Aubrey Pomerance M.A., Salomon Ludwig Steinheim Institut, Geibelstrasse 41, 47057 Duisburg, Germany. Tel.: 0203 / 370071. Fax: 0203 / 373380. email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . [February 2001]
· Ot. Beeck, Friedhofstr.
· Ot. Buchholz, Duesseldorfer Str., im Kommunalfr.
· Ot. Hamborn, Mettlerstr.
· Ot. Neudorf, Sternbuschweg, im Kommunalfr.
· Ot. Ruhrort.
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