DRENSTEINFURT: Drensteinfurt city, the district of Warendorf

48317 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)

Corner Kleiststrase/Blumenstrase, about 1 km SE of the town center; 548 sqm; 26 gravestones; used ca. 1868-1939. Badly damaged during "Kristallnacht" Nov.1938; restored in 1989. Many stones are withered and some inscriptions are no longer legible. Der juedische Friedhof in Drensteinfurt: Eine Bestandsaufnahme by Werner Bockholt. Drensteinfurt: Stadtarchiv 1990 (Veroeffentl. des Drensteinfurter Stadtarchivs 6), 148+14 pp. 26 gravestones: size, inscription (with German translation if in Hebrew), photos; no biographies. Source: AE [sic]. Info about the cemetery is here.

Kleiststrasse, corner Flower Street [Blumenstrasse], formerly Hammerstrasse. Used 1826-1939. 26 gravestones visible. In 1891 the cemetery was expanded significantly. The Nazis desecrated it several times. From 1826 to 1939, there was a total of 63 burials but only 26 gravestones are visible. [Sept 2012]
- 1985 - 1989 by Werner Bockholt the Stadtarchiv Drensteinfurt (full documentation)
- 2002 by Mike Redel (copy, German inscriptions)
- History in Westphalia-Lippe 1987 , 141
- History in Gabriel 1987 , p 52 - 54
- Full documentation in Drensteinfurt 1990
- History in Handbook 2008 , S.308f

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