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Coat of arms of Büren BÜREN: (BUEREN) Stadt Büren, Kreis Paderborn. Büren is situated on the river Alme, approx. 20 km SW of Paderborn and approx. 30 km SE of Lippstadt at 51°33' N, 08°34' E. Jewish population: 123 (1880), 39 ( 1933).

CEMETERY: 33142 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)

In the vicinity of Paderborn. Information about this town may be included in the booklet Zur Geschichte der Juden in Schwalenberg by Herr Liedke. Source: Philip Goldmann, Miami Beach, FL. [dte?]

On Siddinghäuser Street, between Catherine and . The Jewish cemetery is located outside the old city between the Sebastianstrasse and Catherinestrasse. No Jews were buried in the early Christian cemetery. Since 1940, when the last Jewish burial occurred, the cemetery was considered closed. In the cemetery includes 72 visible grave, 64 of which carry a gravestone. With the older stones, the inscriptions are carved, the newer often have a depressed panel with a label surface of glass. These panels on individual gravestones have been destroyed several times over the decades. Some stones are no longer in original location; others may be assembled incorrectly. Used probably mid-16th century to 1940, 1849 mentioned.splendor cited Brilling on a cemetery in BÜREN in the mid-16th century. The burial ground was vandalized before, during, and after the Nazis, and restored. Assume that most gravestones are in their original location. photos and map. photo. [Sept 2012]
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