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Büderich is a district of the city Werl, Soest at 51°32' N 7°52' E, 244.6 miles WSW of Berlin. The community Büderich was established on 1 January 1964 through the merger of the former municipalities and Ostbüderich Westbüderich. On 1 July 1969, the town was incorporated by Werl.

Cemetery: from B 1 to Unna behind the Büderich district at the edge of a dirt road called Straße Am Jüdischen Friedhof . Dates from second half of 19th century to 1938, 1991. Seven gravestones visible on the 605 acres. The founding of this cemetery is unknown, but probably the second half of the 19th century to 1925. A gravestone dated 13 July 1881 as the date of death was the oldest until the last burial on 26 May 1991. photo. photos. [Sep 2012]

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