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Wappen der Stadt Brühl

Bruehl. 50°50' N, 06°54' E, 4 places named 'Brühl'. This one is 5 miles SW of Köln. 1900 Jewish population: about 100.


(BRUEHL) the town of Brühl Brühl in the Rhine-Erft. The Brühl synagogue dates from 1875 after founding the German Empire for Brühl and Hurth. In 1879, 146 Jews lived in the town of Brüh. [Sep 2012]

CEMETERY: 50321 North Rhine-Westphalia

The cemetery was first mentioned in 1371, but is likely considerably older. The existence of a Jewish community is documented at the time Brühl became a city, 1285. The cemetery was occupied until 1939. Today, 94 gravestones are visible  on the 4170 acre estate. The oldest gravestone dates in 1746. The cemetery is one of the oldest and largest in the administrative district of Cologne. photos. [Sep 2012]
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