BRACHT (SCHMALLENBERG): North Rhine-Westphalia Print

Bracht, a municipality Schmallenberg in the district Hochsauerlandkreis. 51.166, 8.165

48324 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)

Cemetery: In the Jewish cemetery on Christenfeld in der Stiegstra├če are 15 gravestones and five bases. Central Archives notes 20 grave . The funeral order dated 1 August 1883 and on 8 September 1883 were approved. The burial ground is 52 meters long and 13.20 meters wide, divided into six rows, but the number of graves is unknown. The distance between burials should be at least 0.30 meters graves. The cemetery must now be regarded as fully occupied. The last burial took place in 1926/28 . The gravestones are weathered. The cemetery is the last tangible remnant of the Jewish community Bracht that existed since the 18th century until the Nazis. photo. [Sep 2012]

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