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Coat of arms of Borken51°51' N, 06°52' E, Six localities in Germany are named 'Borken'. This one is center of Kreis Borken, in NW Nordrhein-Westfalen, near the Dutch border. The Borken Jewish community dates from the 17-18 century to 7 September 1942. Jews lived in the 14th and 15 centuries. By the 18th century, about six Jewish families lived in the village continuously. Thereafter, the Jewish community grew to 204 people in 1895, 15.8% of total population: 1290). Borken still belonged to the Jewish community of  Großenengli.  Jewish population; 1835: 14, 1842: 5, 1861: 8, the end of the 19th century only one? family) and Freudenthal (1893: 4). Very detailed information about all Borken Jewish history, cemeteries, memorial and photos. [Sep 2012] Jewish Cemetery: 46325 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)
  • Am Recklingspfunder Cemetery: Prior to founding of this cemetery, the deceased were buried at the Jewish cemetery Haarhausen. Used 1895 - 1968. 66 gravestones visible. On Kristallnacht, the cemetery was destroyed. After 1959, the site was restored. Ridder suggested that the partly renovated gravestones are not all in original location. In 1994, the cemetery was desecrated again. The cemetery is located about 400 meters E of the community center in the Borken Jahn / corner pond garden path (51°2 '53"N, 9°17' 6" E). The cemetery is open to the public to visit, except on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Source: Kommission fuer die Geschichte der Juden in Hessen submitted by Harmut Heinemann of the Commission. photo. photo. photo and map [Sep 2012]
  • Jewish cemetery in Borken-
  • History of Jews in Borken (Hesse)
  • Memorial Book - Victims of the Persecution of Jews under the Nazi regime in Germany, 1933 - 1945 - List of Jews Borkener
  • Ecke Landwehr/Otto-Hahn-Str. overview and map. The Jewish cemetery is located in Borken-Gemen, a district of Borken. 539 square meters. This Jewish cemetery was in use before 1810. Of the existing 35 gravestones are the most recently from 1912/1913. Vandalism in December 1999 knocked over and broke 14 gravestones. [Sep 2012]
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  • Am Kuhn Cemetery: At Wilbecke, south of the river Aa, today at Kuhm. Used 1760 - 1895. No visible gravestones. According to Ridder, on the opposite bank of the river Aa, below the city wall, was an older cemetery. The cemetery was defiled by the Nazis with WWII with bombing making additional damage. On the 812 m2 green is a war memorial. photo [Sep 2012]
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