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Coat of arms of Billerbeck51°58' N, 07°18' E, 14 miles W of Münster, in Kreis Coesfeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen. Jewish population:  49 (in 1818), 30 (in 1933). Billerbeck is a municipality in the district of Coesfeld. [Sep 2012]

Title: Juden in Kreis Coesfeld
Author: Aschoff, Dieter (ed.)
Publication Date: 1990
No of pages: 351
Publisher; Kreis Coesfeld, Der Oberkreisdirektor, Coesfeld?

City Districts: Stadt Billerbeck, Kirchspiel Billerbeck (until 1969) Beerlage (until 1969)

  • CEMETERY: 48727 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)/ A PDF file with a picture of the cemetery and a list of the burials can be found here. ALBERSHEIM, BENDIX, EICHENWALD, and STEIN were some of the most common names.
  • The Jewish cemetery at Billerbeck is located on the edge toward Rorup and landmarked since 1995. In the second half of the 17th century Jews settled in Billerbeck. The Jewish community in Billerbeck first buried their dead in the Jewish cemetery in Coesfeld. The old Billerbeck cemetery existed near the current cemetery since the 1760s, but is no longer visible.  The new Jewish cemetery in Billerbeck was first occupied in 1879 with the last burial in 1939. Today, 20 gravestones are available at the cemetery. photo. [Sep 2012]
  • Klaus-Dieter Alicke. Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in German-speaking 3 vols. Gütersloh publishing house , Gütersloh, 2008, ISBN 978-3-579-08035-2 .
  • Peter Ilisch: Jewish life in Wigbold Billerbeck. In: History leaves the district of Coesfeld 32, pp. 15-38 [not evaluated]
  • CEMETERY: Billerbeck, Coesfeld at NW relief road at the bridge Beckel, edge toward Rorup. Used from 1879 - 1939. 20 gravestones are visible. In the immediate vicinity since about 1770 another Jewish cemetery existed, of which no visible traces remains. [Sept 2012]

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