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50°44' N, 07°08' E, 1 miles E of Bonn. Beuel is a district of Bonn, which includes all the right bank districts of Bonn. Colloquially, it is also called " Schälsick called "(the" wrong side "of the Rhine). Wikipedia. [Sep 2012]

53225 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)

Der alte jüdische Friedhof Beuel-Schwarzheindorf: two inscriptions. [Sep 2012]

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  • Ot. Schwarzrheindorf Cemetery: in a district of Bonn down the Rhine behind the flood dike in the vicinity of the treatment plant and the Friedrich Ebert bridge. In 1854, Beueler Jews within the Jewish community of Bonn became a separate section of Bonn kahal. In 1875, they separated from Bonn. The size of the Jewish community in 1828 was 120, in 1885 to 182, and 1932,130. By 1808, a house of prayer was built. In the first half of the 19th century and 1903, on the same grounds, synagogues built. In 1938, that building was destroyed. Date of the 7660-square-meter cemetery establishment is unclear; however, the oldest surviving gravestone dates from 1623. 445 gravestones are visible. The cemetery was purchased by the Jewish community in Bonn in 1818 and used by both the Jewish communities of Bonn and Beuel. In 1898, the cemetery area was divided: the Jewish community of Bonn and the Jewish community Villich (Beuel) appropriated the northern while the Bonner community remained in possession of the southern part. [sic?] Due to the installation of an anti-aircraft unit in 1939, the cemetery was badly damaged. Tree-lined and surrounded by a fence  with two entryways, the burial site is now freely accessible. Buried there are Isaac Kahana Rapaport (1730-13. March 1788), Chief RabbiSimcha Bunim Cohen Rappaport (1734-8. April 1816), Chief Rabbi Abraham Auerbach (1763-1846), Chief Rabbi Dr. Aaron Auerbach (1810-1886), Chief Rabbi. Wikipedia photos. photo. history. gravestones and overview. [Sep 2012]

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