BETTENDORF (ALSDORF, AACHEN): North Rhine-Westphalia Print

(former coat of arms) Bettendorf is a NE district of Alsdorf in the cities of Aachen (Alsdorf im Kreis Aachen). Wikipedia

56355 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz): Weg nach Ostweiler, 50m v. d. Schule rechts Oidtweilerstr.

RANDERATH FAMILY CEMETERY: The Jewish cemetery is located in the district of Bettendorf (now of Alsdorf) was occupied only 1860 and 1908. Three gravestones are visible. In the 1930s, the area of ​​the cemetery was reduced from 810 to 656 m². David Randerath (1799-1867) bought the property in 1860 as a future burial place for himself and his family. Since then, the cemetery is owned by the family descendants Randerath. photos. Overview. [Sep 2012]


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