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Coat of arms of Beelen51°55′45″N 8°07′5″E, 226.3 miles W of Berlin. Beelen is a municipality in the district of Warendorf, approx. 30 km SW of Bielefeld and 35 km E of Münster. Jewish history in German.

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48361 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)

CEMETERY: Beelen community, district of Warendorf at Neumühlestrasse. Used: 1827 - 1934. 6 visible gravestones. A new Holocaust memorial was dedicated in 2006. [Sep 2012]
- Approximately 1975 - 2000 by Heritage Office (Photos)
- History in Westphalia-Lippe 1987 , page 140
- History in Handbook 2008 , p 188

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