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Coat of arms of Bedburg51°00' N, 06°35' E, 17 miles WNW of Köln (Cologne), 17 miles SSW of Düsseldorf, in Rhein-Erft-Kreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen. Bedburg is a town in the Rhein-Erft-Kreis with 25,000 residents. The town is documented as early as 893. Jewish population: 73 (1911), 65 (1933). Jewish history in German. [Sep 2012]

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BEDBURG: 50181 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)
Used from 1822 to 1939. Other towns using this cemetery include Kaster, Frauweiler and Koenigshoven. The city of Bedburg has a plan of the cemetery done, at the request of Mr. Friedt. It is on the left end of Koelnerstrasse, behind Johannesstrasse, at the edge of the town of Bedburg. It has been heavily damaged. The key is at the Rathaus Bedburg, Friedrich Wilhelmstrasse 43, Tel. 02272-4020. The land was purchased in 1837 (?) but the wall surrounding it was not built until 1852. Its size is: 36m x 37.5m x 34m x42.5m, (ca. 15 ar). 66 visible tombstones. It is also possible that some stones are under the wall that was moved when a street was extended. The oldest well-weathered stone is from 1832, with the last burial in 1939. After 1945 it was used for grazing and for a garden. The numbering used follows Klaus H. S. Schulte, Dokumentation der Juden am linken Niederrhein seit dem 17 Jahrhundert, Bonn 1972. An * in the list of names indicates missing stone. Source: author Gerd Friedt, Jawlenskystr. 12, 81477 Muenchen, Germany.

The new Jewish cemetery is located in the city Bedburg. The cemetery is located in the Cologne road diagonally opposite Johannesstraße. It was used by 1832 to 1939. The burial ground was since 1837 part or used by the Cologne synagogue community. The cemetery was desecrated several times until well into the 1990s. Today, in the cemetery, 66 gravestones visible. photo. photos. photos. [Sep 2012]



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