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BEDBURDYCK: 51°07' N 6°34' E, 307.1 miles WSW of Berlin. Bedburdyck is a village in the municipality Juchen in Rhein-Kreis Neuss. Bedburdyck is bordered on the E by the federal highway 46, on the NE by Grevenbroich Hemmerden, on the SE by Grevenbroich Noithausen, in the S of Grevenbroich-Orcs. Bedburdyck located SW of the town Gubberath, in the W and NW Gierath Stessen. North of Bedburdyck is the village Aldenhoven. HEMMERDEN: 51°07' N 6°36' E, 305.8 miles WSW of Berlin. The village Hemmerden borders the municipality of Juchen belonging village Bedburdyck on the N by the city Korschenbroich and on the east by chapels . The former municipality Hemmerden had an area of ​​10.19 km ². 1974 228 people lived on one square kilometer. Marianne Stern Winter, Holocaust survivor, was born here; her life became a movie. Full Jewish history in German. [Sep 2012]

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see Niederrhein in General Section: Dokumentation zur Geschichte der Juden.. Alphabetical list of names + birth date and place. 32 persons, 1751-1938. Source: Tagger, Mathilde A. Printed Books on Jewish cemeteries in the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem: an annotated bibliography. Jerusalem: The Israel Genealogical Society, 1997.

CEMETERY: In 1827, Prince Josef von Salm-Dyck Reifferscheid gave the Jewish community the site of today's Jewish cemetery . In 1964 a memorial stone was set that identifies the names of those murdered Jews in the Nazi era from Hemmerden and Bedburdyck. In 1998, the last funeral occurred. Marianne Stern, Grevenbroicher Jew, who alone survived  the concentration camps and returned to her parents' house 1945. In February 1998, she was buried with great sympathy there. On 26 March 1990, enclosing hedges were added to the historic monument of the city Grevenbroich.

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