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Coat of arms of Bad Salzuflen52°05′15″N 8°45′2″E, 45 miles WSW of Hannover, 11 miles NNW of Detmold, in Kreis Lippe. 2006 population: 54415. Bad Salzuflen is a spa town known for its saltwater springs and thermal baths. Earlier, the town profited from the salt trade. Many wealthy houses  16th and 17th century well-off citizens are preserved. Known for its concerts also. 1933 Jewish population: 54. Jewish history. The first synagogue was built 400 years ago. Jewish history. [Sep 2012]

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32105 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz) / Zentralort.

NEW CEMETERY: Located on Oerlinghauser Strasse (hall 20, No. 349). Used 1871-1955. Visible gravestones: 52. Before the Jews of Schötmar created their own burial ground, they buried their dead in Salzuflen. The secondcemetery  opened in 1871 adjacent to the Lutheran Werrefriedhof. Many historians believe that the closeness to a Christian cemetery prevented its destruction during the Nazi period. Nevertheless, the cemetery is now closed, the last burial took place in 1955. A gravestone inventory was done in 2010 by a local historian. photos. [Sep 2012]
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OLD CEMETERY: Located Werler between road and Schießhofstrasse, formerly "Auf den Clues" and Before the gates of Herford ["Vor dem Herforder Thore] (hall 21, No. 574 and 575). For centuries Jewish congregations were forced to bury their dead outside the city limits. The first Jewish cemetery in Bad Salzuflen was established at the Werler Strasse, but was quickly filled. Used late 16th/ end 17 Century to 1933, 1855 expanded. Visible gravestones: 24. By 1877, the cemetery also was used by the Schötmar Jews. The Nazis destroyed most of the cemetery, the core area of ​​the site was covered after the Second World War. In the 180s, there was a restoration of the cemetery by the town of Bad Salzuflen. photo. [Sep 2012]

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