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51°17' N, 06°28' E, 6 miles SW of Krefeld, in Kreis Viersen, Lower Rhine region. Since 1970, part of Willich. Jewish population:  116 (in 1852), 44 (in 1925). The former royal Prison in Anrath is now a federal state prison named "Justizvollzugsanstalt Willich". Yad Vashem list of those murdered in the Holocaust. [Sept 2012]

The city was founded in 1970 out of the formerly independent villages of Willich, Anrath, Schiefbahn and Neersen. Anrath was mentioned for the first time in 1010, Willich in 1245, Neersen in 1262 and Schiefbahn in 1420. [August 2012]

Title: Zur Geschichte der Juden in Neersen und Anrath
Author: Klaus Schulte
Publication Date: 1974
Comments: at Leo Baeck Institute, call no. DS 135 G4 N425 S3

Cemetery: 47877 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz). See Willich

Anrather Jewish cemetery, where Neersener Jews were buried where Zisdonk [?] near the old Krefeld-Mönchengladbach road . This cemetery was there before 1800. 9 gravestones. As tall as 1.74 m high and evoking the form of Moses on Mount Sinai passing the 10 Commandments tablets, listed are the names of deceased with birth and death data between 1810 and 1906. The grave inscriptions are written in Hebrew. The stones are described in detail in the Appendix.Landmarked for urban and cultural-historical and ethnological reasons in the public interest. picture. [Sep 2012]

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