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51°43' N 9°21' E. Amlunxen is part of the city of Beveringen, district of Höxter. The village of 1250 is  about 6 km NW of the central city Beverungen and about 7 km SW of Hoexter. Formerly independent then part of Beveringen.

CEMETERY: district called "The Wild Mountain" ["Der Wildberg"] in a wooded area, 1 km SE of the town (hall 5, No. 44). Used from before 1861 - 1936. 16 gravestones are visible. [sic]. Jewish cemetery is restored
Funds from the conservation program and the city of Beverley

In Autumn 2008, Amelunxen Jewish cemetery was vandalized considerably. Three years after the Jewish cemetery was vandalized is funding for the renovation was available. The Amelunxen district committee said work will begin later this year; and the cemetery will be rebuilt sensitively. The site is slightly obscured by the woods' edge. All 14 gravestones were overturned and damaged. In May 2009, representatives of the Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL) surveyed the cemetery. The cost is estimated at around 10,000 euros. 33% of which is funded by the conservation program of the FO and the rest by the city Beverungen. The vandals could not be found. "The work can now begin shortly. The grave stones are not only re-erected but partly also collected and restored," says Bärbel Rauscher, who is responsible for the town cemeteries of Beverungen . When the restoration is complete, the cemetery will be fenced in back.

(Photos) Approximately 1975 - 2000 by Heritage Office
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