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Lippe-Alverdissen was a county created in 1613 following the death of Count Simon VI of Lippe, with his realm being split between his three sons with his youngest son Philipp receiving the territory of Lippe-Alverdissen. map.

Coat of Alverdissen 52°02' N 9°08' E, 183.3 miles W of Berlin. Alverdissen is a place in the city of Barntrup in the district of Lippe. 2010 population: 1724. Village website. Yizkor. [Sept 2012]

CEMETERY: 32683 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)

City Barntrup, Lippe located at Am Südhagen. Used probably 18th century - 1942. 2 gravestones. photo. [Sep 2012]
Approximately 1975 - 2000 by Heritage Office (Photos)
History in Guenter 1973 , page 99
History in Westphalia-Lippe 1987 , p.89
History in splendor 1998 , pp. 293, 350

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