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Coat of arms of Alsdorf50°53′N 6°10′E, 329.3 miles WSW. Alsdorf is a municipality in the district of Aachen. Until the 21st century Alsdorf was a mining area. In 1932 the villages Kellerberg, Ofden, Schaufenberg, and Neuweiler were incorporated and the population increased from 11,500 to 19,711.

52477 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)

  • Ot. Begau Cemetery, Alter Roemerwe: Begau or Begau is a settlement Alsdorf. photographs. Occupied only from before 1900 to 1940,  seven gravestones are visible. The last burial took place on 22 November 1940. In 1996, the city built a Holocaust memorial next to the Alsdorf surviving gravestones. [Sep 2012]
  • Boecker Viehweide Cemetery:
  • The Jewish cemetery occupied only from 1909 to about the 1938 when the Nazis leveled it. No gravestones are visible. Besides this Jewish cemetery, in 1930 a municipal cemetery was established. Today, the Jewish part is integrated into the North Cemetery. In the 1950s, a memorial stone was erected, bearing the following inscription: "In memory of 27 Jewish Alsdorfer citizens who are buried here." [Sep 2012]
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