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Coat of arms of AlpenAlpen is situated in the Lower Rhine region, located between the Ruhr area and the border with the Netherlands. Adjacent cities are Rheinberg, Xanten. 51°35' N, 06°31' E, 14 miles NW of Duisburg in Kreis Wesel, Nordrhein-Westfalen. The first recorded Jew in Alpine, David Abraham, was there by 1714. With the beginning of religious freedom in the French period, 17 Jewish families lived in Alpen. The local Jewish community since 1858 were connected in Büderich , Rheinberg , Orsoy , Kamp, Hoerstgen and Rheurdt. The size of the congregation in 1806 was 59 and 1824, 53 and in 1885, 72 and 1932, 31 people. In the Nazi period , 13 people were deported and murdered, 19 were able to emigrate, one has no explanation and 5 died of natural causes. A synagogue mentioned for the first time in 1801 was destroyed in 1938 during the November pogroms.

46519 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)

Ulrichstr. and Geschichte der Alpener Juden by Peter Schmitter, Verlag A. Theuvsen-Alpen, 1986. ISBN 3-9801378-0-5. The book is out of print. Peter Schmitter, Am marienstift 1; 4651 Alpen, Germany (Tel. 0 2 802/3740) sent the names from 5 copied pages to G. Steinberg, 95 Lerida Court, Portola Valley, CA 94026.

CEMETERY: photos. photo. At about 400 meters, located on the northern outskirts of Alpine Cemetery on Ulrichstraße with a new wooden sign with a menorah and two Stars of David. Surrounded by a hedge with a bronze gate and mature trees. 56 gravestones from 1792 to 1936 are visible. The last is that of Samuel Meyer Alps buried in 1939.

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According to a private page Karu, which refers to the Alps encyclopedia of Dieter Schauenberg (2005)

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