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ALME: 51°27' N 8°37' E 216.3 miles WSW of Berlin

(Now 59929 Brilon)

Title: Juedisches Leben in Alme Altenbueren Brilon Madfeld Messinghausen
Author: Ursula Hesse
Publication Date:  1991
No. of Pages: 380
Publisher: Druckerei Karl Hecker

5790 North Rhine-Westphalia (Gerz)

See BRILON. Vorm Buchenberg

CEMETERY: Brilon Hochsauerlandkreis at Vorm Buchenberg, formerly "The Judenknapp" access Moosspringstraße, near the forest. Used before 1750 - 1939. 2 gravestones visible. The cemetery borders on land in the possession of Count Maximillian von Spee are not recognizable due to forest encroachment. According to Westphalia-Lippe 1987, about 50  burials are the guesstimate. [Sept 2012] Dietmar Hölmer in German with photos. Follow the road towards the outskirts Moosspringstraße after Nehden. After the last house, a path leads up left and right on Almegraben along to the Jewish cemetery  the so-called Judenknapp. The exact date of founding of the cemetery is unknown. Presumably existing in 1750 according to the Meschede Jewish citizens. In 1824 the cemetery death register ("Todtenhof Niederalme"). Ten years later, the place of burial was called "Judenknapp," and is to this day. 1800 Jewish population was 74. Ancient site plans and maps of the cemetery cannot be found. Not until 1988 was a survey of the site..

The official size of the cemetery is 1,500 m. A memorial stone, which is framed by two boulders and two received commemorative stone of of 1887 and 1890 a reminder of the place of burial. he first gravestone with the initials MR  from 08.17.1890 for Meier Ruhstädt.
The last burial took place in 1939, Miriam Ruhstädt. 1986 Holocaust memorial. .."___.

- Approximately 1975 - 2000 by Heritage Office (Photos)
- 1988 - 1990 by Ursula Hesse (full documentation)
- History in Westphalia-Lippe 1987 , p.72
- Full documentation in Hesse 1991 , pp. 47 - 48, 316 - 318


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