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Coat of arms of Ahlen 51°45' N, 07°55' E, 26 miles NE of Dortmund, in Kreis Warendorf, North Rhine-Westphalia. 1933 Jewish population: 132. Ahlen is a townand part of the District of Warendorf in the larger Münster region, and of the historic Münsterland area. The nearby villages of Dolberg, Vorhelm and Tönnishäuschen are part of Ahlen,. The largest neighboring town is the city of Hamm to the southwest.

59229 North Rhine-Westphalia. Kreis Warendorf

  • Beckumer Str.  The site has just over 100 graves. The names were compiled by a student at the local Gymnasium. I have transcribed all deaths in Ahlen 1820-74 from records in the Detmold Archives. Section A is the eastern side. Section B is the western side. SOURCE: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , who used the following resources:
  • 1. Gummersbach, Hans W. Der Weg nach Auschwitz begann auch in Ahlen, Ahlen 1988;
  • 2. Conversation with Dr Gummersbach 1 June 1998; and
  • 3) Smieszchala, Alfred. Geheimnis der Versöhnung: die Erinnerung: Der Jüdische Friedhof in Ahlen.
  • Births, marriages and deaths in Detmold Archives.

OLD CEMETERY: formerly of the East Promenade, opposite the train station Ahlener  Used 1788 - 1938. No gravestones. 1975 - 2000 by Heritage Office (Photos). As late as 1938 Umbettungen for new cemetery was carried out; the gravestones were righted after WWII.  Ahlen (New Cemetery). In 1947 the burial site was transformed into a park with an 1980 memorial for the victims of the Holocaust. photos. cemetery history. [Sept 2012]

NEW CEMETERY: The gravestones of the old cemetery were brought in 1938 but set up only in 1947. Part of the cemetery at West Schlütingstrasse used 1938 - 1940, 1945 - today with 106 gravestones. - Approximately 1975 - 2000 by Heritage Office (Photos) 2001 by Mike Redel (copy, German inscriptions)


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