COPPENBRÜGGE (COPPENBRUEGGE): 31863 Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) (Gerz, Peters).

DISTRICT: Hameln-Pyrmont.

LOCATION OF CEMETERY: Dammstrasse in town centre.

IN USE: From 1787 until 1937.


  • None bar a memorial stone. Graves register of 1936 recored at least 64 gravestones.



  • Between 18th and 19th century Coppenbrügge had a substantial Jewish community, numbering more than 10 families, say 80-100 persons, at some of the time. However, by 1898,only 17 Jews remained and none were left by 1938.
  • Cemetery was officially closed by the local Nazi authority in March 1937 and the ground acquired in 1938 by city of Coppenbrügge, when all gravestones were rmoved. The last burial had taken place on 01 April 1937.
  • The cemetery finally passed into the ownership of the Association of Jewish Communities in Lower Saxony in 1938. At the time of this restitution, the old gate post dating from the year 1872, were returned to their original location, together with a plaque of remembrance. There is also an information board with the history of this cemetery.

SOURCE: University of Heidelberg, Gelderblom and Historisches Handbuch, pages 429-435 (DNB).

(Researched and translated from German June 2009)

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