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BERNE Kreis Wesemarsch incorp. RANZENBÜTTEL: 27804 Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) (Gerz, Peters).

DISTRICT: Wesermarsch.

LOCATION OF CEMETERY: in Ranzenbüttel, Weserstrasse (B74).

IN USE: From 1897 until 1928.



  • 1979 photographs and copies of inscriptions together with translations of all gravestones in the Dutch State archives for the province of Groningen.


  • History, photographs and gravestone inscriptions by Töllner 1983, pages 351-355 (LBI and DNB).


  • Up to the end of the 19th century this community used the cemeteries in Varel, Wildeshausen or Delmenhorst for burials. Permission to create their own cemetery was granted in 1895 to Louis Koopmann. His descendants still own the ground of about 970 sq.yds at the present time.

SOURCE: University of Heidelberg and Historisches Handbuch, pages 211-215 (DNB).

(Researched and translated from German May 2009)

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