Montefiore Cemetery:

Location: 121-83 Springfield Blvd., Springfield Gardens, NY 11412-0098; 718-528-1700.

Mailing address: PO Box 120098, St Albans, NY 11412-0098. Montefiore Cemetery dates from 1908. Owned by Springfield Long Island Cemetery Society.  Records are available by burial date or alphabetically by last name of the deceased.

[Also see New Montefiore Cemetery is on Long Island at 1180 Wellwood Ave.,West Babylon, NY 11704 with burials from 1928]

The burials are indexed and computerized. burial list.

The cemetery is land-marked and active. The urban cemetery location is on flat land, isolated from other cemeteries, and marked by a sign in English. The cemetery is reached by turning directly off a public road. Access is open to all with a gate that locks. The cemetery is divided into special sections for burial societies, possibly other sections as well. Properties adjacent to the cemetery are commercial and residential. The cemetery is visited frequently by private visitors. Regular caretakers maintain the property. Within the limits of the cemetery is a cemetery office and, at least, one other building with an undefined purpose. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Eugene, Oregon, completed this survey on 12 November 1997 using a printout from the cemetery office. She visited the site in August 1997.

Photo courtesy Merle Kastner


  • Britchaner landsmenshaftn has a decent sized plot in this cemetery. Source: Marci Glazer;
  • Chevra Anshe Ragole Source: Sherri Bobish; Sherribob@aol.com
  • Chevra Chesed Shel Emeth
  • Chevra Torah Anshe Radishkowitz
  • Congregation of Ansche Jurberig: The society is for the town of Jurbarkas, Lithuania. (This society also has a plot in a different cemetery.)
  • Congregation Chevra Sheves Achin B'nai Levy Section
  • Congregation Shomrei Shabos Anshe Belchatow Section
  • Congregation Agudath Achim B'nai Jacob Section
  • Congregation Beth David Anshe Roman Roumania
  • First Bialykaminer Society:
  • Goldfaden Society
  • Independent Lutzer Aid Society. Source lincan@worldnet.att.net
  • Independent Rohatyners
  • Kedainer Society
  • Kosminer Society: This society is for people from the town of Kuzmin, Podolsk Gubernia, near
  • Gorodok at 49 15 / 26 31. Source: Bobby Furst who will send an EXCEL list of burials upon request.
  • Kovner Benevolent Literary Circle: Block 76, Gate 371/S,- 95 burials
  • Lemburg Society: 11 names from near this society may or may not be part of it: A.Fluss, ex. pres., H.Harbinger, pres., G.Eisig, vice. pres., J.Drucker, rec. sec., M.Kalter, fin. Sec., R.Halpern, treas., I.Bobis, trustee, S.Enis, trustee, L.Rumberg, trustee, A.Wasserman, guard, Z.Wohl, chairman of cem.
  • Erste Lemberger; Ladies K.U.V.; Indep. Lemberger; Ladies Soc. Source: Errol Schneegurt
  • Lipkaner Bessarabier Society, Inc. (founded 1890) owns three plots in Montefiore Cemetery, Springfield Gardens and here. All three have informational posts at the gate. Block 97, Gate 47B-S, Sections 1 through 5 (on "Abraham Avenue" opposite Block 92) Block 97, Gate 34-S, Sections 1 and 2 (on "Abraham Avenue" near corner of "North 6th Street" opposite Block 91) Block 81, Gate 261-AE (on "North 10th Street" off corner of "Carmel Avenue"). CLARIFICATION #1: In the cemetery office, this plot is listed under the name "United Lipkaner" but it is the same organization. CLARIFICATION #2: The printed book gave the gate as "261-NE." However, the "NE" has been crossed out and "AE" posted, as apparently the cemetery's location system was recently revised. Source: Michael A. Miller, mamnys@aol.com
  • Lysyanka burials: here as well as Mt. Lebanon Cemetery and Beth David on Long Island. Source: Flora and Herbert Gursky
  • Rochever Woliner Aid Assn
  • Shatter Progressive Benevolent Assoc. (2 plots)
  • United Hebrew Community
  • United Lipkaner: see Lipkaner Bessarabier Society, Inc.
  • Wechsler Family Plot of Congregation Beth David/Anshei Roman Romania, Source: Jane Wechsler;  for five graves
  • Winograder Burial Society: an incomplete and illegible map belongs to Jon-Jay Tilsen, New Haven CT
  • Wolochisker Benevolent Association (Sections 8, 10 and 81)  Person to contact about grave locations in Wolochisker BA Section: Renee Gottesman. Most frequent funeral homes listed: Nieberg, Midwood, and IJ Morris. Most frequent monument makers listed: Tremont and Fleisher. The date of the oldest gravestone in Wolochisker sections is 1909. Approximately 600 headstones are in the Wolochisker sections. The marble, ?granite, ?limestone, and ?sandstone tombstones and memorial markers are finely smoothed and inscribed stones and double tombstones. Inscriptions on tombstones are in English, Hebrew, and possibly Yiddish. The cemetery contains special memorial monuments to Holocaust victims. (Source: Renee Gottesman)
  • Workmen's Circle Branch 536 - Ostrower  (Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland) Org. May 1910. Block 91. Workmen's Circle, Inc.: (718-528-1700) 45 E 33rd St., NY 10016, (212) 532-1001. Fax (212) 532-1573 has lists of their members buried here. Source: Faith Weinberg, Asst. Director, Member Benefits Workmen's Circle -Gate 25N: Montefiore to North 5 St. Turn left. Turn right on Abraham and look for Gate 25N on right.
  • Zychliner Young Mens: apparently a landsmannschaft. Source: swalski@panix.com


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