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Mount Hebron: 130-04 Horace Harding Expressway, Flushing, NY 11367-1027 (718-939-9405)

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 228, Flushing, NY 11352.

Online searchable database: [Nov 2014]

Located off the Long Island Expressway (US Route 495) near College Point Boulevard. Office Hrs: M-F 9-11:50, 12:30-4pm, Sunday as well but staffed by part-timers. Grounds are open 8am-5pm. Staff is extremely helpful. Cedar Grove Cemetery Assn. is the administrator. Quite large and well kept, Mt. Hebron Cemetery was established on the grounds of non-sectarian Cedar Grove Cemetery, Flushing, NY in 1909. The cemetery has more than 217,000 graves. Mount Hebron Cemetery, New York City has a data base to look up internments by name or by society. Their interment search allows for a comprehensive search of all individuals buried at the cemetery. There are also driving directions or the website, hours of operation, a printable map, and the ability to view a comprehensive list of all burial societies with plots in the cemetery. June 2006]

Photos courtesy Merle Kastner


Sections: listings.

photos and burial lists. Indexes of Sephardic Plots of Mt. Hebron Cemetery

  • 1st Dobromiler S & B Block 5 and Block 42
  • Abraham (IOBA):
  • Adler's Young Men Ind. Ass'n No. 1: {10717} (Block 110, Path 17 & 18); 33 burials (small plot, but complete)
  • Andrew Johnson Sick and Benevolent Society, Inc.
  • Baryszer Young Men's Benevolent Association is Block 2 ref 34. k3paradox@comcast.net [August 2005]
  • Britchaner Benevolent Association (New York, N.Y.) Records, 1932-1977.
  • Description: 1.9 linear ft. Notes: Landsmanshaft established in 1895 by Jewish immigrants from Brichany, Moldavian S.S.R. ... affiliated with the Britchaner Bessarabian Relief Association. The association was dissolved in 1977. ... and a "golden book" (a record of deaths) for both funds; ... Also, materials relating to the burial benefits the association provided for members. These include a "golden book" (record of deaths); a notebook containing grave reservations in Mount Zion Cemetery located in Maspeth (a part of Queens) and in Mount Hebron Cemetery located in Flushing; a notebook recording members' illnesses and burials; a funeral assistance receipt book; burial and monument permit books (also in Mount Hebron and Mount Zion cemeteries); and plot deeds and reservations. YIVO collections are in Yiddish, Russian, Polish, English, Hebrew, and other European and non-European languages. Location: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York, NY. Control No.: NXYH89-A852 [December 2000]
  • Chevra Bnei Israel Anshe Kadan: 49 burials
  • Cong. Bnei Aaron Anshe Vilkomir:  (Block 59, Path 8)
  • Cong. Bnei Aharon Anshei Wilkomir:  (Block 114, Path 10)
  • Deutsch Ostrover Organization: Source: Harold Boiman; e-mail: 53wild@worldnet.att.net
  • Empire State Lodge #191
  • Erste Knihinin Stanislauer KUV: Block 5, Path 10
  • Erste Stanislauer plot:
  • Erste Wielkie-Oczer [Wielkie Oczy in Polish] K.U.V. Section 36, line 11: This landsmanshaften, formed October 24, 1903 was liquidated by New York State in 1984 according to Mt. Hebron. Source: Stephen Landau, White Plains, NY; web page

  • First Chevre Zoliner: a.k.a. Zoliner Chevra.
  • Founded 1901, there are plots in three area cemeteries, all with informational posts at the gate. The other two locations are Mount Zion, Maspeth Queens, and Floral Park Cemetery, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. Location: Block 22 (facing block 19) Source: Michael A. Miller; e-mail: mamnys@aol.com
  • First Knihinin Stanislauer KUV: Block 67, Path 8
  • First Solotwiner Sick And Benevolent Association
  • First Toporower Sick and Benevolent Lodge
  • First Young Men's Cracower. Source: Judie, wg@panix.com
  • Gates of Prayer Block 8
  • Grand Lodge of Brith Abraham. Source: Milton Goldsamt, miltgold@aol.com
  • Independent Bialykaminer K.U.V. at Mt. Hebron Cemetery:
  • With two separate plots, sometimes the husband is in one plot and the wife in the other. The location for each burial is indicated by block and ref no.
  • Independent Order of Brith. Source: Milton Goldsamt, miltgold@aol.com
  • Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Source: Milton Goldsamt, miltgold@aol.com
  • Independent Brisk de Littau Lodge 565 A. A. B. Abraham
  • Khevra Anshai Smargan B'nai Chaim Avraham:
  • Immigrants from Smorgon. I have photograph of the 1922 stone arch entry with the names of 34 members and officers of the Khevra Kaddisha. Eric Chevlen, MD Youngstown, OH
  • Kovner Young Men: Block 28, Path 2; 473 burials
  • Kovner Unterstizungs Verein: Bl 57 Path 3
  • Krakauer Friends: Source: Judie; wg@panix.com
  • Ladies Auxiliary of the Independent Brisk de Littau Lodge 565 I.O.B.A.
  • Leon Sanders Lodge. Source: Milton Goldsamt, miltgold@aol.com
  • Life & Charity Society, Inc. - Sephardic Jews from Gallipoli (Gelibolu) Turkey
  • Lubliner Society: first plot was sold to them in February 1909. Manhattan Fraternal Association
  • Meretz Relief Association of New York: used Section 59 Source: Stan Lipson, 648 E. Broad St., Westfield, NJ
  • Noworadomsker Society sections {10717} Source: Gloria Berkenstat Freund: Glory1@worldnet.att.net
  • Ostrowitzer Young Mens Block 15
  • Peter Cooper Lodge #613. Source: Milton Goldsamt, miltgold@aol.com
  • Progressive Brethren of Neshvis Progressive Brethren:
  • also has a plot in Washington Cemetery. The headstones are all in very good condition and easily read. There was only one damaged stone, apparently toppled. Irwin Nack compiled this list, November 11, 1997. (See their web site.)
  • Rohatyn: Rohatyner Young Men's Society Burial Site: Rohatyner Young Mens Society Inc:  "cemetery chairman, Alvin Edelstein. Graves in Mt. Hebron Cemetery Block 57 and graves in Mt. Zion Cemetery (path 14), 59-63 54 Ave., Maspeth (Queens) NY 11378. Gravesites at Beth Israel Woodbridge NJ and "Old" Montefiore, St. Albans also. Rohatyner Young Men's Society , an organization chartered in 1903 in N.Y by immigrants from the town of Rohatin in Galicia, about 70 kilometers southeast of Lvov/Lemburg, known today as Rogatin, Ukraine. This landsmanshaften was organized by immigrants primarily for social reasons, for mutual assistance, and as a burial society. All the gravesites are sold. The names are of those buried in Mt. Hebron plot. The information source is Alvin Edelstein, Cemetery Chairman of the Rohatyner Young Men's Society. Alvin inherited this position from his late father-in-law, who held it for over fifty years. All meticulously handwritten Yiddish minutes of Rohatyner meetings of the first fifty years are preserved at YIVO in New York. Manhattan 1903 certificate of incorporation purpose is stated." Source: Phyllis Kramer, PhyllisKramer1@worldnet.att.net

  • Sephardic Jews from Gallipoli (Gelibolu) Turkey

  • Shaare Tfiloh Flushing Block 24. Source: Phyllis Kramer, PhyllisKramer1@worldnet.att.net

  • Stanislauer Prog. Ben. Ass'n., Block 19, Path 4
  • AG Tura Zuhow Lodge: Block: 12, Path/Ref: 2, Sec: A-C. Source: Phil Kornstein;
  • Vishnevets Society: plots 22 and 76: Source: Arlene Parnes arlene@orlinter.com . Data was entered from photos taken by Bernard Kushner.
  • Wielkie-Oczy: (Sec36 line11)
  • Willkemira Y.M.B.A.:{10717} (Block 110, Path 1) and (Block 58, Path 4)
  • Workmen's Circle Ohav Sholem and Bukaczowe. Source lincan@worldnet.att.net .The Workmen's Circle Inc.:(718-939-9405); 45 E 33rd St., NY 10016, (212) 532-1001; fax (212-532-1573) has a lists of their members buried here. Source: Faith Weinberg, Asst. Director, Member Benefits
  • Zoliner Chevra: see first Chevre Zoliner


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