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Coat of arms of Den HamDen Ham at 52°27′54″N 6°29′39″E is a village in the Dutch province of Overijssel in the municipality of Twenterand, about 15 km NW of Almelo. Den Ham was a separate municipality until 2001, when it became a part of Vriezenveen, which was renamed Twenterand in 2002. Jews resided here as early as 1750. Jewish population:33 in 1850, 36 in 1860. 1906, Den Ham was part of the Dutch Jewish Community in Ommen and then in 1947 with Almelo.


  • Old Cemetery: Located at the top of Mageler Es..Cadastral is this cemetery in its triangle form, since the land consolidation, known under section A, nr.4122, area 110 m2. This property has been registered since 1955 in the name of the Dutch Jewish Community (Nederlandse Israelitische Gemeente-the NIK) in Amsterdam; formerly, since 1854, the ownership belonged to Jewish community Den Ham.
  • Woman's dying wish ends Dutch Jewish cemetery's century of disuse | Jewish Telegraphic Agency [Sept 2016]
  • New Cemetery on Vroomshoopseweg: Located at the beginning of the road from Den Ham to Vroonshoop near the east of the general cemetery at the corner of the Molenstraat and the Dorpsstraat. The municipality maintained this cemetery since 1952, while the NIK placed a memorial identification marker. This stone is 65 cm. high and 40 cm. in width it is the only external distinguishing mark marks the cemetery. Vandalism has been prevalent. On the stone below the words"Jewish cemetery" are five Hebrew words "May their souls be bound in eleternal life".The site dates from 1900 in the civil municipality cadastre as number B 2395, is 400m2. Five gravestones are still visible, two with a Hebrew text only, two with a Hebrew and a Dutch text and one with a Dutch text only. Those with the Hebrew and Dutch text relate respectively to Sophia Brandes-Lievendag, born on 26 October 1820, deceased on 3 November 1895 (Jewish year on the tomb) and to Abraham Brandes, born 15 March 1820, deceased on 4 November 1907. The gravestone with the Dutch text is on the grave of Heyman Wolff, born 8 December 1893, deceased on 17 July 1920. [Sept 2016]

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