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A small village in southeastern Morocco, close to Akka.

Zawiya is the northern most village about eight kilometers [from Akka] "by foot through dry riverbeds and through mud brick villages ... and at the edge of an oasis by a mountain.... women herding sheep .......didn’t identify the cemetery as Jewish when we arrived. Only that it was an infidel’s cemetery. . ... none of the graves were in a good condition. They had all been destroyed and theoretically for reasons associated with superstition. Surround[ing] the graves were broken tagines, clothes, and hairbrushes ... When I passed by a Muslim cemetery earlier in the morning I noticed a broken tagines everywhere. ...I noticed a couple of structures in the near distance. I walked down towards them pretty sure I was at any moment going to be stung by scorpion and found that they were mausoleums for tzaddikim. The graves still maintained their shape and I made out three distinct graves in two separate buildings. Unfortunately I could not find any Hebrew inscription anywhere but it looked to me like tzaddikim that were once visited but no longer. They were Berber independence symbols on the wall and I even found a Star of David crossed out." Source: Jewish Morocco [November 2008]

See also separate articles on Akka and Tagadirt, another village close to Akka.


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