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A city in southern Morocco, to the east of Agadir.

Near-by the city of Agadir is the walled city of Taroudant, with its mellah and Jewish cemetery. The most important Taroudant saint is David Ben Baruk Cohen Azog."  Source [February 2002]

Taroudant sits at the foot of the High Atlas mountains. As usual it once had a significant Jewish community of some 1,000 years but not much remains. I found my way to the cemetery by following the inside of the surround mud brick walls. The cemetery was very large and obviously once boasted many more graves than I could at the time see. There was a full time caretaker who showed me around including to the tombs of the tzaddikim. Very few graves had Hebrew inscriptions on them despite the good condition of most of the visible graves. The Taroudant Jewish cemetery has a very interesting history that I am just beginning to discover." Source: Jewish Morocco [November 2008]

See also separate article on Tioute, a neighboring oasis.


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