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A city in northern Morocco, about 130 kilometers east of Rabat and 60 miles west of Fez.

New Cemetery: "A very well kept Jewish cemetery is locked in the former Jewish ghetto called Nouveau Mellah. I visited it in Spring 1995. The keeper is living inside the cemetery. No register is available." Source: Mathilde Tagger, 5/3 Elroy St. 92108 Jerusalem, Israel [Spring 1995]

"The new mellah is still the home for some of Meknes's 200 Jews, and one can visit a beautiful synagogue, the El Krief, nearby the new cemetery. " Source [February 2002]

Old Cemetery: On the other side of the new mellah and adjoining the old mellah is the old Jewish cemetery. Several saints are found in the two cemeteries, including Haim Messas, David Boussidan, and Raphael Berdugo. In the Royal city of Meknes, the tomb of Moulay Ishmael memorializes the Alaouite Sultan who protected the Jews while securing control of the Moroccan empire." Source [February 2002]

See also separate article on Volubilis, an archaeological site near Meknes.


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