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Podgorica (Cyrillic: Подгорица and Duklja or Doclea). The capital and largest city of Montenegro 42°28′'N 19°16′E at the confluence of the Ribnica and Morača rivers has winter ski area to the north and seaside resorts on the Adriatic Sea. Podgorica is at the crossroads of several historically important routes. The massive 16th century Torre di Porta Terra is also known as the Jewish tower after its builders. 2003 population: 136,473. Montenegro, formerly part of Yugoslavia, has been closely associated with Serbia. With little significant Jewish history and little if any modern Jewish community [2007 Montenegrin Statistical Yearbook lists 12 Jews in nine town] at least three Holocaust sites include the Gestapo prison in Podgorica. [March 2009]

BURIAL: a fourth or fifth-century Jewish grave found in the 1960s.

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