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Alternate names: Sculení [Rom], Sculeni-Targ. 47°19' N, 27°37' E, 10 miles N of Iaşi, on the border with Moldova.. 1900 Jewish population: 416.

Sculeni is a commune in Ungheni district composed of four villages: Blindeşti, Floreni, Gherman and Sculeni. It is a border checkpoint to Romania from Moldova..Important residents: Not to be confused with Sculeni Cemetery in Chisinau.

JewishGen Romania SIG

Mysterious Places by Jeffrey Gorney [July 2015]

  • Some time ago, a Romanian tour guide with whom I was emailing told me that the Jewish cemetery in Sculeni had been destroyed in 1970. I just found an article from 2009 (online) saying that the Iasi Jewish community is responsible for the Jewish cemetery in Sculeni; this makes me think that perhaps the tour guide was misinformed - and that there is some hope of locating the cemetery. My GREENBERG/GRUNBERG. family originated in Sculeni, and I have a relative who may be able to visit there. It would be very helpful to know whether the relative should search for a cemetery. I found some references to a Jewish cemetery in Chisinau - perhaps used by people from Sculeni, but this was unclear. I would be most appreciative to receive any information on this subject! Carol Hochstadt. Salt Lake City, UT < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > on JewishGen Digest [date?]
  • indexed. The cemetery was destroyed. Only one monument standing and several parts of matzevot around the area brought to the place where the cemetery once stood. 24 names with 13 photos were sent to JOWBR. Please see the overview, maps, photos, and more at Sculeni Cemetery Report. (October, 2015)





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