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Coat of arms of Rezina Alternate names: Rezina, Резина [Mold, Rus], Rezina-Târg [Rom], Rezina-Tîrg. 47°45' N, 28°58' E, 27 miles NNE of Orhei (Orgieev), 52 miles N of Chisinau (Kishinev). 1900 Jewish population: 3,182. Rezina is the capital of Rezina District of Boşerniţa, Ciorna and Stohnaia. In SE Moldova, 98 km from Chişinău, the town of Rezina is situated on three successive terraces formed by the picturesque right bank of the Dniester. The lowest terrace (along the Dniester) houses the older town, the second one (on the hill slope) contains buildings constructed in the 1950-60s, while the upper terrace is the seat of the new town constructed in the 1970-90. Three villages are administered by the city: Boşerniţa, Ciorna and Stohnaia.

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  • Matrosov Street,

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  • Old Cemetery: Not in use and in poor condition. [August 2015]


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