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Alternate names: Rîşcani [Mold], Râşcani [Rom], Ryshkany [Rus], Rishkani [Yid], Rishkan, Ryskany, Ryshkanovka, Rashkan' Tyrg, Rashkani-Tyrg, Râşcani Târg, Kopachanka, Russian: Рышканы. Moldovan: Рышкань. 47°57' N, 27°33' E, 22 miles NW of Bălţi (Beltsy), in NW Moldova. 1900 Jewish population: 2,247. A town in northern Moldova, during the 19th century, Rascani became a major Bessarabian industrial center thanks to a flourishing Jewish community. 1897 Jewish population was 2,247 (69% of the total). In the early 20th century, Tarbut ran community affairs. In 1941, most of the Jewish community was destroyed by the German and Romanian army. [March 2009]

Cemetery: exists.

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